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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SJ 2019/20

Meme Sahib

 Meme Sahib was the name given to the wives of the British and European officers in India during British rule.

This was a terrible time of war but this collection celebrates only the beauty of the clothing of that period and the fusion of the two cultures.  We immerse ourselves here in the frivolous delicacy of Victorian women's summer whites and contrasting this with the simple diagonal shapes of the Indian women's sarees transforming them into wrap pants evocative of the baggy Pungabi pant. The flowing drape of saree shawls become sleeves. Bursts of colour and texture give femininity to the  Military uniforms and Sepoy livery. The vibrant prints are evocative of the flora of India and juxtaposed with the majestic war horses that bravely led their riders into war. This collection is an adventure into another era, you will only ever feel fabulous in any one of these timeless pieces enjoy the trip! 

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