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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SJ 2018

La Belle Epoque

'La Belle Epoque' is a collection that is an immersion into the society of Victorian Paris.The books by Zola and Baudelaire, the paintings of Manet and Lautrec, and the life style of fashionable Paris at the Moulin Rouge.  

Manet painted a shocking depiction of 'Nana' from the novel  by Zola about the notorious  Parisian courtesan of that time. In this women's wear collection you see the fusion of both the men's and women's clothing of that period; the undergarments of Nana mixed with the upside down waistcoat of her suitor of the day, the many neck ties strewn around her maison by the fleeting gentlemen.
Most items available and some by order only.Please contact us for more information or questions.

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