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Lucasta Rogers is a British luxury, bespoke and ready to wear brand produced in Costa Rica.

We thrive on the importance of  not just immaculate cut but unusual and unique cut. The design process is a like creating a theatrical play. The models are the actors and the opera singers of the garments. To break the rules of the norm and create an aesthetic, comfortable and wearable piece is the key. But the real importance of these individual creations is the timelessness of them. The style is modern and ageless at the same time. These garments become old friends and live in our closets to be brought out year after year with new friends and accessories creating  the concept of re-use and combination; day to night, work to dinner party, and always fabulous. Color can be vivid or earthy, luminous or cloudy, but it must be calculated in the same way that you would combine guests at a dinner table; a graceful juxtaposition of harmonious personalities, thus creating a unique and wearable garment.



We are a small brand and make small numbers of garments. Our aim is to use our resources to be as ethically conscious  in every way that we can and build on that each year, to become more and more sustainable what ever the size of production or location.

The timelessness of the garment and the reuse-ability of each piece is an absolute must. 

Some fabrics are man made, but often times we buy ends of rolls that are obsolete to avoid the production of more of the same and create unique one or two of a kind garments and non mass production.

Some fabrics we use are natural fibres; viscose and rayon of many different plant cellulose; bamboo,pineapple, banana, pine, and others. We love to use Linens of all kinds and  of course cotton and silk.

We have a small and friendly production team and are like a family with respect and common values among our staff, and pay according to the upper sector of our province.

Costa Rica is one of the world leaders of being a carbon free country and we are all doing our part here to recycle and re-use, save on water, unnecessary use of combustibles and treatment of human beings, and our precious wild life, oceans and rain forests.

We have a dream of being able to create a community of women that have had unfortunate beginnings and even been involved in the sex trade and find out where their talents lie. The idea would be to train them to be part of the company on a grander scale as t grows. For example the girls that can be taught to sew would be part of garment production. The girls that have the gift of the gab would be the sales girls in the boutiques, and the ones that are good with social media could be trained for that and more;even web design and management of on line shop. Others can also can use their looks for modeling and no longer the wrong kind of modeling! 

The bigger picture would expand this vision to be a global project helping women all around the world with the expansion of global boutiques.



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